Photography is all about capturing a moment.
Freezing time.
Capturing power and subtlety, vividness, darkness and light.
It’s light that dances into the lens, and with a click of the shutter, it is captured in its fullness.
Crafted by nature, captured by the camera. The photographer only sets the stage for nature to expose its self.

These pictures capture the common in an uncommon way:
the fusion of fire, the swirls of air, the wizardry of water.

Fire exposes its fusion of light and color. The brain tries to fill in the blanks, to identify shapes that it is familiar with.
This is a fascinating journey into the dance of fire, water and air in the ever changing and evolving light.
Smoke is just a tracer for the air, exposing its path as it spins and twirls in the majestic currents mandated by nature.
Water is a transparent medium with one rare quality amongst many—reflection.
Once again, there is a witness to capture this quality and make it visible—the photographer with a camera.

The photographer becomes the witness to this un-choreographed scene, influenced by its surroundings without limitation.
Chaos becomes magic.
The paper becomes the palette for the light, color the expression to flawlessly preserve this infinitesimal moment forever.

With only color correction and removal of dirt and bits not belonging to the composition, these unique pictures transform into the rare art of nature.
Not painted but witnessed.
Not imagined but real.

Enjoyment for the eyes to behold the majestic in the simple.

650 limited edition prints, of each piece,

will be offered in this series of artwork