Tuan Syed Tajudeen

One of the Directors of National Art Gallery, Malaysia. Graduate of the college of fine arts, Chennai, India

“The photographs capturing the transient moment have brought out forms and figures that are creative, dreamy, as in a fantasy. It is something different and unique. You can rotate the pieces and they would still look very interesting. It must have taken a lot of patience and technical know how. I liked the speech given by the artist. Very impressive.”

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

Founder, Sutra Dance Theatre, Chairman Sutra Foundation. Malaysian Cultural Dance Icon

“It is a very, very good and fabulous exhibition. I am very happy to be associated with it.

It is of such high standard. His message of peace is there but not seen, just like these images of fine art photography.

Very, very impressive. My favorite piece is the “dragon”. That combustion could produce such abstraction is astounding.”

Sivarajah  Nadarajan

Trustee, Sutra Foundation, Artist/Lighting, Set Designer & Production Director. Graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art.

“When seeing the art pieces before hearing the artist speak, I see vibration, a rhythm, dance, flow and movement of the elements.

After listening to the artist, I see another dimension of things unseen before, even as in the simple act of lighting a candle or stove. So much is happening that we don’t see. I am fascinated.”

Dr. S. Chandran

Doctorate in Contemporary Art

“Different forms of nature, its deep, vibrational movement. It is the universe within.

It is more than technology. Vibration of a drop of water goes beyond an ordinary person’s ability to perceive.

Showing others the natural art forms is not a simple achievement. The natural colors of the pieces are fascinating.

I never thought a personality of such caliber (the Artist) would come here. My friend who came with me to the exhibition, who is a Tamil scholar and motivational speaker, was really taken up by the photographs exhibited and the speech by the artist.”

K. Krishnan

Children’s Art Teacher

“Fire evokes fear, but here it is appeasing. We don’t realize that everything came from fire.

The concept the artist is conveying through technology, captured in an image, is that anything is possible. There is light in a dark void. Impressive.”

Sutra Foundation

“UNSEEN, a fine art photography exhibition by renowned international ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, at Sutra Gallery, is warmly received by all who are present. The Artist explains how he connects his photography with his own message of peace. “The ability to find this peace is always there within us. We do not have to work to acquire it from outside. We need only to recognise and find it as part of our being. War on the other hand, is something we have to work hard at. We need to spend money, effort and energy to engage in war. So why do it?”, says Prem Rawat.

Prem’s photography depicted two vital elements – fire and water. The images are cosmic in their shapes and conjure the constantly changing universe itself.

Sutra dancers performed a compelling odissi homage to Surya – the ball of fire which emerges from the ocean of creation – as the supreme metaphor of the triumph of light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance.”

Dr. Krishnan


“The inaugural day of the UNSEEN exhibition was like a festival. The presence of the Artist, his speech, the display of the fine art photography, and the appreciation of the guests, was truly an amazing feeling. I marveled that Nature, at a deep, unseen level, is coherent, rhythmic, inclusive, all embracing, on a matrix of immense benevolence. I am thankful to the Artist who has shown me the Unseen.”